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Greg Sabino Mullane's PostgreSQL tips and how-to articles

End Point engineer Greg Sabino Mullane is a prolific writer of PostgreSQL tips, suggestions, and how-to articles in his Planet PostgreSQL blog. Some posts involve emergency procedures to diagnose and fix an ailing database, while others are helpful recipes developers can use. The strengths and weaknesses of various approaches are compared, and there are lots of neat things to learn along the way.

Here's my list of favorites from those Greg has posted since last March, in reverse chronological order:


Hardware Monitoring with Nagios on OpenBSD

At End Point we use Nagios and its remote client, NRPE, to monitor servers we manage and alert us to any problems. Aside from the usual monitoring of remote accessibility of services such as a website, database, SSH, etc., it's very helpful to have monitoring of memory usage, disk space, number of processes, and CPU load.

In this detailed article Dan Collis-Puro shows how to go even further and monitor the CPU and case temperature, and fan speeds, to alert administrators to hardware failures so they can be remedied before they become catastrophic.