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Postfix, ~/.forward, and SELinux on RHEL 5

For the record, and maybe to save confusion for someone else who runs into this:

On Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 with SELinux in enforcing mode, Postfix cannot read ~/.forward files by default. It's probably not hard to fix -- perhaps the .forward files just need to have the right SELinux context set -- but we decided to just use /etc/aliases in this case.

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Ezekiel said...

This seems to be fixed with newer selinux-policy packages on RHEL5.

Today we enabled Maildir-style message delivery for a single user on a machine by placing "/home/user/maildir/" into that user's .forward file. Postfix notices the trailing-slash and automatically delivers as to a Maildir (if the structure is setup correctly).

This is useful if you want to parse bounce messages using one-file-per-message instead of using CPU cycles to break up an mbox file.