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Note to self:

In free software, patches are considerably more useful than complaints.

It's easy to forget.


Eugenia said...

Useful, yes. Practical, no. Not for those who can't code. In my opinion, a developer who gives away or sells his software, should brace himself for feedback that it's not always sugar coated. It's part of the job I am afraid. Free/free software or not.

Jon Jensen said...

Hi, Eugenia. Since it was a note to self by a programmer, I'm going to say that in that context it stands and is very practical.

Hearing what you said I'd simply rephrase it thus: "For a programmer who knows the implementation language of a project to complain about some bug or lack of documentation is less productive all around than to actually contribute a fix."

Of course we can't always contribute patches, and in those cases commenting may still draw attention to something that might otherwise be overlooked or thought unimportant. But sometimes we're just lazy and don't do the extra bit of work to make a patch.