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NY Puppet Users Group meeting

Several of us from End Point attended the first NY Puppet Users Group meeting last night, and we had a great time. Brian Gupta and Larry Ludwig did an excellent time coordinating, even though the weather and the venue didn't cooperate. After a little shuffling, we found ourselves at The Perfect Pint, where we had a large table in a fairly quiet room where we could meet each other and talk about Puppet. The group was split fairly evenly between those who have used Puppet and those who are considering it: everyone there understood the need for solid configuration management (CM), so much of the discussions (at least at my end of the table) centered around
  • comparisons of different CM systems
  • challenges in getting Puppet on legacy systems (e.g., that may not even have Ruby)
  • features people would like to see in Puppet
  • how to make the business case for Puppet
All in all it was a great time, and I really appreciated Brian and Larry's leadership, as well as their flexibility. Not only did they move the venue at the last minute to better accommodate the group, but they were super hosts in coordinating the date and time: several of us were only in NY for a short time, but they managed to juggle things around so that as many as possible could attend. That flexibility says a lot for the Puppet community, and we're looking forward to participating in future meetings.


Larry L said...

Thanks for also coming.

James Turnbull said...

Sounds like fun.

I'd love to see any features discussed logged as feature requests!

Steven Jenkins said...

Good idea - I just added some feature requests based on the meeting.

Jon Jensen said...

Steven, sounds like it was a good meeting. Roughly how many people attended?

Steven Jenkins said...

I believe over 20 had signed up, but the weather turned really bad that afternoon, so you had to trudge through wet, blowing snow to get there: about a dozen hardy souls made it.