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Google Base and Spree

Several clients I've worked with have integrated Google Base. I've always wondered how much Google Base actually impacts traffic without having access to the data.

After the recent development of a google base spree extension, we've been able to measure the significant impact of search engine traffic directly related to Google Base. The extension was installed for one of our Spree clients. See the data below:

Search engine traffic (y-axis is hits where the referring site was a search engine). Google Base was installed on March 24th.

Other referral traffic during the same time period (y-axis is hits where the referring site was not a search engine and traffic was not direct).

Although the extension is relatively simple and has room for improvement (missing product brands, product quantity), you can see how much traffic was impacted. Hopefully with future extension improvements, traffic will increase even more.

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JT Justman said...

Can you define 'search engine traffic' in that graph? Is it hits per day originating from search engine agents?

Steph Powell said...

yes -- i've updated the image labels. the y-axis is hits per day where the referring site was search engines (top image) or other sites (not direct traffic, bottom image)