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Operating system upgrades

This won't be earth-shattering news to anyone, I hope, but I'm pleased to report that two recent operating system upgrades went very well.

I upgraded a laptop from Ubuntu 8.10 to 9.04, and it's the smoothest I've ever had the process go. The only problem of any kind was that the package download process stalled on the last of 1700+ files downloaded, and I had to restart the upgrade, but all the cached files were still there and on reboot everything worked including my two-monitor setup, goofy laptop audio chipset, wireless networking, crypto filesystem, and everything else.

I also upgraded an OpenBSD 4.3 server that is a firewall, NAT router, DHCP server, and DNS server, to OpenBSD 4.5. It was the first time I used the in-place upgrade with no special boot media and fetching packages over the network, as per the bsd.rd instructions, and it went fine. Then the extra packages that were there before had to be upgraded separately as per the FAQ on pkg updates. I initially scripted some munging of pkg_info's output, not realizing I could simply run pkg_add -u and it updates all packages.

There was one hangup upgrading zsh, which I just removed and reinstalled. Everything else went fine, and all services worked fine after reboot.

How pleasant.


Jeff Boes said...

I wish I'd had your experience.

In my case, my 64-bit desktop's upgrade to 9.04 happened two weeks ago, and it's still not working correctly. I have no sound, except for start-up sound and rare and broken noises from the Pidgin IM client -- which, for some reason, starts up two copies of itself.

Jon Jensen said...

Heh. Well, of course my elation had to be punished. CD burning fails for me now. After writing somewhere between 5-40 MB of data, the burn stops with an error and I get a coaster. It's basically this problem, but I don't know of any leads on fixing it yet.

Daniel Browning said...

What is "CD burning"? Is that what great grandpa used to do before they invented 64 GB memory sticks and 50 GB Blu-ray? ;)

Jon Jensen said...

Yeah, pretty much. I'm sitting a few feet away from a bunch of these, and oddly, Ubuntu seems incapable of writing to those too.