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PGCon: First day in Ottawa

I arrived in Ottawa late Sunday night a little in advance of the conference. I'm spending a couple days working on the final bits of my slides, and spending a little time with friends in the Postgres community that I only get to see once a year!

I started the morning with Dan Langille, the PGCon organizer, Magnus Hagander, and Josh Berkus. During that conversation, I managed to avoid being assigned to give the keynote on Thursday by myself, but instead enlisted Magnus and Dave Page to come up with something together with me. They gave a keynote together at PgDay EU, so I figured I would be in good company.

One project that I've helped with in the past is the code that runs Magnus Hagander and I spent most of yesterday renaming the project, identifying the next few features we'd like to add, and getting the source tree moved over to

I'm hoping we have a little more time between tweaking slides to get our new features finished and deployed to the production server today.

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