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Monday Reading Material: 2/8/2010

Just a few links from the past week that are worth checking out:
  • "Spices: the internet of the ancient world!" - Planet Money Podcast. Great storytelling about the ancient spice trade and how information about where certain spices came from eventually leaked out and popped the spice trading bubble/monopoly.
  • Enterprise software is entirely bereft of soul. Reading this reminded me of antifeatures and the competitive advantages of open source software.
  • Emulating Empathy. Nice summary of how interacting with users of software (customers) on a non-technical issues, or over high-level requirements, provokes creativity. Also, that good customer communication is a *skill* not an innate talent - meaning it can be taught and learned. :)
  • Interaxon. Other than the cute name, this is a fascinating company and concept based in Vancouver, BC. Thought controlled computing! Looking forward to seeing what comes out of their "Bright Ideas" exhibit during the Winter Olympics.

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