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Browser popularity

It's no secret that Internet Explorer has been steadily losing market share, while Chrome and Safari have been gaining.

But in the last couple of years I've been surprised to see how strong IE has remained among visitors to our website -- it's usually been #2 after Firefox.

Recently this has changed and IE has dropped to 4th place among our visitors, and Chrome now has more than double the users that Safari does, as reported by Google Analytics:

1. Firefox 43.61%
2. Chrome 30.64%
3. Safari 11.49%
4. Internet Explorer 11.02%
5. Opera 2.00%

That's heartening. :)


JT Justman said...

Interesting, Jon. On the other hand, one of the web applications I support has a predominantly K-12 educator user-base, with a browser distribution that looks more like this:

Internet Explorer (74.55%)
Firefox (16.05%)
Safari (7.83%)
Chrome (1.38%)

(Out of 150k visitors last month, per Google Analytics.)

Against the past, Internet Explorer has been losing a few percent per year to Firefox. But Chrome was nearly invisible until September of 2010.

Jeff Boes said...

JT, I'd not thought of that -- browser popularity probably varies wildly by community. Measuring it at, say vs. vs. vs. would give you wildly different views on which browser is "winning" the war. And something to consider when determining which browsers to concentrate on -- what's the relative popularity at sites with similar audiences?

Jon Jensen said...

JT, yes, I think End Point's website now represents one end of the spectrum, while the one you mentioned is the other end.

Most of our ecommerce clients who I think have a more balanced cross-section of users, see all versions of IE combined at around 45-50%. So it's still a force to be reckoned with.

What surprises me is that End Point's readership was ever so heavily weighted toward IE, and that they've now swung so far to Chrome.