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Use To Find Github Source For Gems

If you want to look at source for a gem on GitHub, make sure to go to first and find the gem's GitHub project through rubygems' page for that particular gem. The reason for this is that there are lot of forks on GitHub and you may end up finding the source to a fork that is dead. is guaranteed to have the right path to the gem you are installing via "gem install mynewgem".

Most of the profile pages for a gem on have a link for the "home page" and "source code" of a gem and these usually link to the GitHub page of the gem's source. This trick isn't a 100% as not every gem's source is located on GitHub but it works about 90% of the time. In the case where you can't find a gem's source through, try "gem unpack <mynewgem>" which will give you the source locally.


Daniel Collis-Puro said...

Or, if you're using Bundler (as you should):

bundle show *gem name*

Will get you the local path to the gem.

Daniel Collis-Puro said...

Gem *source*, I should say.