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Here at End Point, we have a broad range and depth of knowledge in many areas of web development, both server side and client side. This shows itself in form of many internal emails. Whenever I get an internal email with some tidbit of information I'd like to read later on, I file it in my Internal folder to read about later. That folder is overflowing now, and I wanted to take some time to clean it out and share the contents in blog form.

My Internal folder is now clean and I'm ready to hear about more great tips & tools from my coworkers.

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Brian Gadoury said...

After evaluating the wireframe tools that were mentioned in that email thread, I've gone with Moqups. It seems like a great tool, its pricing is fair, and it has a killer feature where you can add users to your "team" and multiple people can work on the same wireframe at the same time and see each other's changes, much like a Google Drive document.

The combination of jumping on the phone or Skype and working with the client on a mockup in real-time is going to be a very efficient way to arrive at a mockup that works for everyone. I think this is going to be huge for the big Phenoms project we're doing.