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An update to the email_verifier gem has been released

I have just released a newer version of the email_verifier gem. It now supports Rails localization out of the box.
If you are one of gem's users — you can safely update your Bundles!

With this release, the project has also gained its first contributors. Some time ago, one of gem's users — Franscesco Gnarra has asked me about a possibility of having validation messages localized. While I was planning to do it myself — Francesco took an action and contributed to the project himself.

The project also received a pull request from another Rails developer — Maciej Walusiak. His commit provided a way to handle Dnsruby::NXDomain exceptions.

It's great to see that our work is helpful for others. If you'd like to contribute yourself — I invite you to do so.

Email verifier at GitHub:


Jon Jensen said...

Great to see open source working the way it's supposed to!

Maciek Walusiak said...

The gem itself is very useful. I am currently using it to make sure users register with proper email address at It's a little effort, but a great feeling, when gem owner accepts your pull request and thanks you for help.