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Analyzer Reports with Geo Map Option in Pentaho 5 BI Server

The "Geo Map" option in Analyzer Reports provides a feature to visualize data with geographic locations. We will learn how to design a Mondrian schema and configure Pentaho to make use of the "Geo Map" feature in the Analyzer Reports. This article will show us how to set this feature up step by step.

Enable Geo Map feature on Geographic fields in Mondrian Schema

The Mondrian schema has two main categories called Dimensions and Measures. The Dimensions are defined as levels in the Mondrian schema. The Geographic fields should have two additional annotations to use Geo Map. The two annotations are:

1. Data.Role - defines the type of level generally; for this type of node, this must be set to  'Geography'.
2. Geo.Role - defines the geographical classification in a hierarchy. These can be either predefined roles ('country', 'state', 'city', 'postalcode') or custom roles.

Sample Level with Annotation:

        <Level name="Country Name" visible="true" column="country" type="String" uniqueMembers="false" levelType="Regular" hideMemberIf="Never">
            <Annotation name="Data.Role"><![CDATA[Geography]]></Annotation>
            <Annotation name="Geo.Role"><![CDATA[country]]></Annotation>

Geographic fields and datasets in database 

I have created a sample table with the fields containing geographic locations for dimensions and aggregated value for measures. The sample population table contains Pentaho-defined geographic locations 'country', 'state', 'city' and aggregated population count for those geographic fields.

'Population' table design and datasets: 

Here we create a sample population table with geographic fields and the population count in a PostgreSQL database.
CREATE TABLE population (
   country      TEXT    NOT NULL,
   state        TEXT    NOT NULL,
   city         TEXT   NOT NULL,
   count        INT    NOT NULL

Next we load population data into the table for 4 cities of 2 states in USA. (Population data for more geographic locations in USA are available at USA Population.)
# SELECT * FROM population;
 id | country |   state    |     city      |  count 
  1 | USA     | California | Los Angeles   | 3857800
  2 | USA     | California | San Francisco |  825863
  3 | USA     | New York   | Hilton        |    5974
  4 | USA     | New York   | Johnsburg     |    2390

Download the sql dump file with table schema and datasets.

Design a Mondrian Schema with Geographic Support

Pentaho provides a tool called "Schema Work Bench" to design a Mondrian schema for a specific table's data. We can create a new Mondrian schema for the table by selecting File -> New -> Schema. The picture below depicts the hierarchy level of the Mondrian schema elements.

Publish the Mondrian schema to Pentaho 

The publish process requires the JDBC datasource to have access to database. Create a JDBC datasource in the manage datasources wizard with necessary input values.

Once the JDBC datasource has been created in Pentaho server, the Mondrian schema can be published from the Schema Work Bench.

Download the Mondrian schema xml to view the schema, cube, table, dimension, hierarchy, level, annotations, measures elements and corresponding attribute values.

The Mondrian schema xml can be imported directly into Pentaho server to create an analysis datasource.

Create a Analyzer Report with Geo Map

Add the necessary geographic fields under "Rows" and population count under "Measure" to create a basic analyzer report.

Change the report type to "Geo Map" through the right top corner options to view the visualized data. Congratulations, you're done!


ELKHATTABI Imane said...


Lately i found out about the GeoMap tool .I would like to ask you if it's possible to use it in order to display map visualisation while querying the spatial cube.

In my case the dimensions are stored as tables in Postgis.They represent geographic subdivisions {comunes,neighberhoods,provinces, cities ..} with their geometry properties (MultiPoligon and Point)

Actualy i had a look at some GeoMap tutorials , and i don't know if it is possible to use it in my case .

Any help would be apreciated

Thanks in advance

Selvakumar Arumugam said...


The Geo Map supports as long as you have Latitude,Longitude values for the dimensions. By default, Pentaho supports country, city, state, zip, etc... Also additional data and Pentaho Data Integration(PDI) modelers can be found at pentaho-solutions/system/pentaho-geo/data and pentaho-solutions/system/pentaho-geo/dataimport respectively. And It provides option to add custom dimensions as well.

I request to look at the mondrian schema attached with blog post and recommend to start with built supported dimensions like city and then move on to custom dimensions. For custom latitude and longitude properties, refer the below link

Important configuration files:
Load data at startup - pentaho-solutions/system/pentaho-geo/settings.xml
Geographic settings - pentaho-solutions/system/data-access/settings.xml
Location Alias - pentaho-solutions/system/pentaho-geo/


ELKHATTABI Imane said...

Thank you Selva for all these informations.

However i couldn't install the Report Analyzer and manipulate Geomap tool.

I wonder if it is because i'm running Pentaho CE ?!

If so , is there any other possibilities?

Best Regards.

Selvakumar Arumugam said...

You are welcome ELKHATTABI,

Yes, Report Analyser is only bundled with Enterprise Edition of Pentaho BI Server.

Saiku and Pivot4J are alternatives of Pentaho Analyser. Please take a look at the features of those tools.